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The Swedish Better Regulation Council want to wish a happy summer. The last meeting for this spring will be held next week at the 25th of June. The Council will then be back for the first meeting after the summer on August 27th. During the summer the secretariat will be staffed so do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail

Happy summer

Annual report 2013 from Actal



Regelrådets counterpart in the Netherlands, Actal, has just released its annual report for 2013 in an english version.

Read the full report here.

Joint RegWatchEurope statement on the draft Commission Guidelines for Evaluation



Regelrådet has together with its counterparts in the network RegWatchEurope submitted a joint statement the draft Commission Guidelines for Evaluation.

RegWatchEurope consists of the five national advisory boards on reducing regulatory burdens,  the ‘Advisory Board on Regulatory Burden’ (ACTAL – The Netherlands), the ‘Nationaler Normenkontrollrat’ (NKR – Germany), the Czech ‘Regulatory Impact Assessment Board’ (Komise RIA/ RIAB – The Czech Republic), the ‘Regulatory Policy Committee’ (RPC – UK) and Regelrådet. We have joined forces to address Smart Regulation issues on EU level.

Read the full statement here (pdf 422 KB)

Annual report from Regulatory Policy Committee in the UK


RPC årsrapportRegelrådets counterpart in the UK has just released its Annual Report for 2013.

Similar to Regelrådet, the RPC have found that there has been a reduction in the overall quality of impact assessments.

Read the full report here

Annual Report 2013


Annual ReportThe fifth Annual Report from the Swedish Better Regulation Council (Regelrådet) is now available in English.

The Council has received 446 referrals and 3 EU impact assessments to review over the course of 2013. The approval rate overall has decreased from 74% for 2012 to 52% in 2013 and the number of acceptable impact assessments is 35% for 2013.

The good news are, as previously reported, that the Swedish Government has allocated funding for the Council as a permanent feature from 2015 and onwards in the Budget Bill for 2014.

Since August 2011, the Swedish Better Regulation Council has been tasked with reporting changes to businesses’ administrative costs as stated in the impact assessments that are submitted. The report for 2013 shows that should all proposals be implemented, they will result in an annual net increase of approx. SEK 290 million  (approx. 33 000000 Euro) in recurring administrative costs as well as additional initial administrative costs of approx. SEK 690 million (approx. 78 000000 Euro). However, the majority of these costs are accounted for by a small number of proposals.

Read the full report here: Regelrådet Annual Report 2013 (pdf 2 MB)

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