10 years of the National Regulatory Control Council


IMG_6863Merkel och NKRThe Nationaler Normenkontrollant (NKR), Nationaler Normenkontrollrat,  invited the Swedish Better Regulation Council to their event “10 years of the National Regulatory Control Council”. The event took place on 21th of September in Berlin. In the event panel discussions were held regarding cutting red tape and better regulation. The discussions included looking back on what have been achieved so far, such as “the one in – one out rule” but also looking ahead regarding cutting red tape and better regulation. NKR also presented their annual report to Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel. Before the event a short meeting was also held with RegWatchEurope since most of the members was present on the event.


Secretariat meeting between the three Nordic independent scrutiny bodies


IMG_0370Nordiska råden samladeThe 29th of June, a meeting in Stockholm was held between The Swedish Better Regulation Council and the newly established Norwegian Better Regulation Council and The Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis. The meeting aimed at bringing the three Nordic scrutiny bodies closer to each other and to exchange ideas and experiences.

The Norwegian Better Regulation Council

The Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis

Final report 2009-2014


Final report 2009-2014Regelrådet has in late January 2015 handed over to the Minister of Enterprise its Final Report for its time as a committee of inquiry. The report includes an Annual Report for 2014. The report gives an overview of all Regelrådet’s activities and the most important developments of these years and is now available in English.

During the period 2009–2014, Regelrådet delivered 1,053 opinions. Regelrådet points out in the report that only Thirty-nine (39) per cent of the impact assessments were assessed as complying with the requirements. The result has thus not trended in the desired direction when looking at the trend over time. In the opinion of Regelrådet, the result is alarming and indicates that vigorous efforts are needed to deal with the problems.

In the report the Council puts forward a number of recommendations to the Swedish government on how to accomplish this. The Council also presents statistics showing the government and the agencies’ results/performances concerning the quality of impact assessments.

The Final report can be found here (pdf 3 MB) (pdf 3 MB)

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The Swedish Better Regulation Council

The Swedish Better Regulation Council is a specific decision-making body organized under the auspices of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The members of the Council are appointed by the government. The Council is responsible for its own decisions. Its tasks is to review and issue opinions on the quality of impact assessments to proposals with effects to business. The Council shall also on request from regulators review impact assessments on EU-proposals that are assessed to have a great impact to businesses in Sweden.

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