Regulations and reviews

Regulations and reviews

All proposed legislation that concern business must be submitted to the Swedish Better Regulation Council along with the accompanying impact assessment. The Council’s reviews contain both an assessment on the administrative effects of a proposal and of the overall quality of the impact assessment.

Ordinance on Impact Analysis of Regulation (pdf 77 KB) (pdf 77 KB)

Ordinance on the obtaining of opinions from the Swedish Better Regulations Council (pdf 7 KB) (pdf 7 KB)

the Guidelines for the Provision of Information by the Government Officies to the Better Regulation Council (pdf 81 KB) (pdf 81 KB)

the Guidelines for work on regulatory impact assessments in the Government Officies (pdf 89 KB) (pdf 89 KB)

A specification to the guidelines is given in the annex to the guidelines (pdf 75 KB) (pdf 75 KB) of precisely what an impact assessment should contain.

These regulations show that the report must, among other things, contain a description of the goals that is to be achieved by proposed legislation, alternative solutions, who will be affected by the regulation, economic and other impacts of the regulation and the compliance of the regulation with the obligations arising from Swedens membership in the EU.

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