Interview with Marijke van Hees, ATR chair

In january, ATR (Advisory Board on Regulatory Burden) took over the chairmanship in RegWatchEurope (RWE) from the Swedish Better Regulation Council. RWE is a network of independent scrutiny bodies with an annually rotating chairmanship. We asked Marijke van Hees, ATR chair, to tell us about ATR and the current agenda. Marijke, many independent scrutiny bodies in Europe have had ATR... Read more

Swedish Better Regulation Council’s annual report 2023

Blue sky and high-rise building

The report for 2023 has been submitted to the Ministry of Climate and Business. The report shows that the overall quality of the regulatory impact assessments has deteriorated somewhat when compared to 2022. In total, 61 percent of impact assessments met the relevant requirements. Annual report 2023 (pdf) Table appendix (pdf)

RegWatchEurope opinion on the European Commission Annual Burden Survey

Every year, the European Commission publishes a report on the regulatory burden on companies and citizens. In its latest report, the Commission writes that EU legislation adopted in 2022 will reduce the administrative burden by 7,3 billion euro annually. The report states that of the 52 legislative initiatives adopted by the Commission in 2022, and which are covered by the... Read more

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