EU Presidency Conference on Better Regulation

On January 23-24, around 80 experts from EU countries and institutions, the OECD, academia and business met in Stockholm to discuss how competitiveness and growth can be promoted through a better legislative process. The Regulatory Council and RegWatchEurope were represented by Anna-Lena Bohm, chairperson. It was established that more and more laws are being passed in all and more areas,... Read more

Summary of RegWatchEurope 2022

We asked RIAB’s (Regulatory Impact Assessment Board) chairman, Marek Havrda, to tell us about his experiences of the past business year. – For RWE and RIAB, the year 2022 presented both a challenge and a chance to gather a lot of experience. We are overjoyed that we were able to host a total of three physical meetings in Prague after more... Read more

An OECD perspective on Better Regulation – interview with Christiane Arndt Bascle

On 11-12 April, the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) held its 26th session, a hybrid meeting where around half of its member countries attended physically in the OECD quarters in Paris. We talked to Christiane Arndt-Bascle, Head of Programme, Measuring Regulatory Performance, RPC Secretariat, about the results of the latest OECD report on regulatory performance, the 2021 Regulatory Policy Outlook... Read more

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