Anna-Lena Bohm



(b. 1957) entrepreneur

Anna-Lena Bohm has a background as an entrepreneur in the service sector. During the years 2012-2019, Anna-Lena was vice-chairman of the Swedish Business Association and chairman of the SME, (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), committee. She was also vice-chairman of Business Europe’s Entrepreneurship and SME Committee in the years 2015-2017 and then moved on to chair the committee in 2017-2021.

Lennart Renbjer

Vice ordförande

Vice Chairman

(b. 1947) law. B.Sc.

Lennart Renbjer was 2004 – 2014 head of legal affairs at the Ministry of Enterprise. After a bachelor’s degree in law in Lund, civil service in Västervik and service at the Court of Appeal in Stockholm, he came to the Ministry of Communications as a legal expert and worked there until 1992, when he became head of the agency for the National Transport Service. In 1994, he returned to the Government Office and worked primarily with legislative issues in the transport sector. He also had the task of being emergency manager. Lennart Renbjer has also acted as a draftsman in the Riksdag’s traffic committee and as chief legal officer in the former Transport Council, as well as carried out and participated in various investigations. He is a co-owner and board member in the trading company Renbjer Fine Spirits AB and runs his own consulting business.

Hans Peter Larsson


Member of council

(b. 1958) tax lawyer

Hans Peter Larsson is tax manager at FAR. He is an authorized tax advisor FAR. Hans Peter is a long-standing partner in the audit and knowledge firm PwC. He has previously worked with legislative issues within Företagarna and is now active within Accountancy Europe, the auditing industry’s interest organization within the EU.

Lars Silver


Member of council

(b. 1966) professor

Lars Silver is professor of trade and logistics at the School of Business, Umeå University, and assistant head of department at the department of business administration. Lars is currently also chairman of the Swedish Business Economists’ Association, which brings together nearly nine hundred employed business economists at 25 Swedish universities. Lars received his doctorate at Uppsala University with a thesis on the financing of smaller companies and has subsequently worked for ten years at KTH with, among other things, investigations regarding preferential rights, entrepreneurs’ guarantee commitments and business angel networks. Lars has also worked on a number of projects related to smaller companies’ financing and general growth, and over the years has interviewed over a hundred business leaders on issues related to company growth.

Helena Fond


Member of council

(b. 1981)

Helena Fond previously worked as an expert on regulatory simplification issues at Företagarna (Entrepreneurs,  The Swedish Federation of Business Owners), and before that as deputy regional manager in the same organization with responsibility for Stockholm County, Mälardalen and Gotland. She also has experience from the Riksdag (the Swedish National Parliament) in a number of roles. For several years, Helena worked for the organization Young Enterprise and she has also run her own companies.

Hanna Björknäs



(b. 1976) law. B.Sc.

Hanna Björknäs is union lawyer at the construction trade union with special responsibility for EU-related issues. She has previously worked as subject advisor at the Department of Labor Markets, where she was responsible for, among other things, regulatory simplification work in the area of ​​labor law and the work environment. She has sat as an expert in several government investigations and also worked as a secretary in investigations both in the field of labor law and in public procurement.

Marie-Louise Strömgren



(b. 1949) Sociologist, Stockholm administration department

Marie-Louise Strömgren has been employed at SACO (1978-2011). Most recently as an investigator with special responsibility for the subject areas of social insurance and working hours and has also worked with labor law issues. She has participated in a number of government investigations in these areas. Before that, Strömgren worked as a negotiator at SACO on wages, general conditions and working hours. She has also been responsible for negotiations on restructuring agreements for the municipal and state sectors and was a member of the Tryghetstisteftelsen’s board (1990-2011). As well as being a member of the Labor Court, most recently in the years 2010-2016.

Hans Lindblad



(b. 1960)

Hans Lindblad has a Ph.D. in economics and is currently chairman of the board at Högskolan Väst as well as member of several other boards. Lindblad has, among other things, been Director of the Swedish National Debt Office and State Secretary to the Minister of Finance and has held management positions at the Swedish Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank.