Lennart Renbjer

Vice Chairman

Law. B.Sc.

Lennart Renbjer was 2004 – 2014 head of legal affairs at the Ministry of Enterprise. After a bachelor’s degree in law in Lund, civil service in Västervik and service at the Court of Appeal in Stockholm, he came to the Ministry of Communications as a legal expert and worked there until 1992, when he became head of the agency for the National Transport Service. In 1994, he returned to the Government Office and worked primarily with legislative issues in the transport sector. He also had the task of being emergency manager. Lennart Renbjer has also acted as a draftsman in the Riksdag’s traffic committee and as chief legal officer in the former Transport Council, as well as carried out and participated in various investigations. He is a co-owner and board member in the trading company Renbjer Fine Spirits AB and runs his own consulting business.