The regulatory burdens are to be reduced through the EU Commission’s legislative initiatives

On September 12, the European Commission published its annual report on regulatory costs resulting from new EU legislation, the Annual Burden Survey. According to the report, administrative costs will be reduced by a total of 7.3 billion euros annually.

The calculations are based on impact assessments of the total of 52 legislative initiatives that were adopted by the EU Commission in 2022 and which are covered by the principle “one in, one out” (OIOO). The principle means that costs resulting from new legislative proposals must be compensated with corresponding savings.

Of the six priority areas in the Commission’s work program for 2022, only the area of ​​the Green Deal, comprising 15 legislative proposals, did not meet the target. The digitization area, which includes 13 legislative proposals, accounted for the greatest cost reductions.

The Swedish Better Regulation Council states that the OIOO principle has led to an increased focus on quantifying costs and benefits, which is positive, but at the same time believes that there may be reason to examine the figures more closely.

Read the report here