Annual report 2014 from NKR

In its annual report for 2014 NKR presents ten Key messages that make up important events over the year and recommendations for the future. Some of these are:

  • In 2014 there has been a sharp increase in compliance costs, mostly accounted for by an introduction of a statutory minimum wage.
  • A new government work programme on Better Regulation was adopted in June 2014.
  • To improve the legislative procedures when negotiating on new EU-law the Federal Government should promote cost-saving arrangements during the preparations of new legislative proposals by the Commission and during deliverations at the Council of Ministers.
  • New clear-cut regulation on limiting and/or reducing red tape and the statutory follow-up costs in Germany needs to be put in place. This will keep up the ambition and interest within the Federal Government.

The annual report can be found here (pdf).