Final report 2009-2014

Final report 2009-2014Regelrådet has in late January 2015 handed over to the Minister of Enterprise its Final Report for its time as a committee of inquiry. The report includes an Annual Report for 2014. The report gives an overview of all Regelrådet’s activities and the most important developments of these years and is now available in English.

During the period 2009–2014, Regelrådet delivered 1,053 opinions. Regelrådet points out in the report that only Thirty-nine (39) per cent of the impact assessments were assessed as complying with the requirements. The result has thus not trended in the desired direction when looking at the trend over time. In the opinion of Regelrådet, the result is alarming and indicates that vigorous efforts are needed to deal with the problems.

In the report the Council puts forward a number of recommendations to the Swedish government on how to accomplish this. The Council also presents statistics showing the government and the agencies’ results/performances concerning the quality of impact assessments.

The Final report can be found here (pdf)